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Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo - Daft Punk




my proudest moment was when i was like 4 and I was being babysat by our family friend’s son who was visiting and he saw me drawing randall from monsters inc and he was like oh can i have this i’ll hang it in my office! and i was like okay and then when my dad picked me up he told me that the guy (his name was larry) was an animator on the movie and 4 year old me cried 

You were only 4 when Monsters Inc came out… I think I’m crying now

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Harry Potter is like a fine whisky; it gets better with age.

Sherlock is like heroin; everyone is itching for their next fix.

Doctor Who is like red wine; mature and has a big history.



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Some things you probably didn’t know about Misha Collins
Misha was arrested for reading a book on top of a bank because he “needed better lighting”.
He stole security badges from the White House and turned them into a mobile.
He has spent the night in an igloo (it was not a pleasant experience).
Misha smells like cinnamon and watermelon.
He renewed his wedding vows at a supermarket. With a bouquet of vegetables. Dressed in drag.
When Misha was younger, he was known for stealing people’s shoes and licking strangers’ ice cream cones
He organised a tea party in the middle of a highway. He made the police who were sent to charge him sit down and had tea instead.
He lost to Jared Padalecki in Words With Friends. He owed him $1970 and paid in four buckets of coins.

He crossed the Tibet border w/o a visa in a vegetable truck

is this man even real

I fucking love Misha Collins

This man…I don’t know about you guys but to me everything he does is just so adorable and awesome in the weirdest way. I love weird people. Let me hug him! I bet his hugs are great.


Works for me!